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Graphic Novels, have captured the comic reader and everyone who appreciates a good story and art. Classic stories and modern renditions of your favorite comic book creator. Find what you are looking for here at Comic Books Limited

Trade Paperback Comics

The least expensive to read great stories in a series

In comics, a trade paperback (often shortened to TPB, TP, or trade) is a collection of stories originally published in comic books, reprinted in book format, usually capturing one story arc from a single title or a series of stories with a connected story arc or common theme. To differentiate between Paperback and Prestige Format, the term Prestige Format was originally coined by DC Comics and later came into wider use to refer to a square-bound comic book with card stock covers. A prestige format comic book is usually 48 or 64 pages in length. Prestige comics typically also have higher quality paper and printing than regular comics.

Hardback Comics Books

A little more money than paperbacks but much more collectible and desired

Hardback version of Graphic Novels are for the collectors that want their comics in a book form with a hard cover format. Hardcover books are obviously more durable, they it will last a long time and are very attractive in a library instead of a longbox. Omnibus and Absolute version is a line of hardback comics for the avid collector of classic comic stories and usually have more content than the normal hardcover.